Get smart.

1. smart Books

Opted Out of the Traditional Classroom

Are you ready to “opt out” of the traditional classroom, but not sure where to start? Is the overwhelm and noise coming from “successful” 6-figure marketers making you depressed and apathetic? This book is a teacherpreneur’s-to-be compass that will save you time, money and stress. A workbook with actionable worksheets included.


You’ve been juggling online teaching for some time, but are not sure if you’re moving in the right direction. The Numbers Game is my unapologetically honest journey into the world of teacherpreneurship. I recorded all numbers and lessons I learned from day 1, and I share them with you so you don’t feel like a loser. The toolbox contains checklists and guides into advertising, pricing, hiring, course creation and many more:

2. Coming soon: smart teacher’s library

This is a renewable collection of my best resources on teacherpreneurship. Each training is fine-tuned, thorough, actionable, practical, focused, to-the-point, and simple. Watch a video >> fill out the worksheet >> make a few smart and small steps >> repeat. I’ve designed the library so you can learn and implement right away, while saving time and money.

3. smart teacher’s lounge

Express Email List Builder

Dig into the core of smart online teaching – community building through email. Find your focus, design your smart online teaching model, draw your ideal client’s portrait, write to her as though you’re chatting over coffee, and set goals like a business owner. Unleash the power of email so you can work smarter, not harder.

Small & Smart Product Lab

Take your first small step towards working less but enjoying life more. Create and sell your first small product from scratch, with a small list and lean resources. Polish up your smart teaching strategy and get a clear sense of direction so you accomplish more and are no longer distracted by the noise.

4. smart mentoring

1:1 model is by far the fastest way for you to grow your online business. What took me 5 years to discover on my own, takes my clients 6-8 months. We focus on strategy, clientele, list, products, services, product launches and discover how all of these fit together. You can’t put a price tag on the time you save when somebody’s mentoring you, so join me online monthly to set specific goals to work smarter, so you can grow a business that lasts.