Numbers Game
numbers game

The Numbers Game in the Life of a Teacherpreneur


  • A 7-chapter book (29 pages, PDF or e-pub)
  • A 7-section toolbox with extra valuable materials – see topics below (29 pages, PDF)
  • BONUS: my Numbers Game Launch Report + e-book/e-course blueprint.

The book and the tool box include the following:

  • Recruiting students online
  • Marketing your services online and offline
  • Realistic numbers, year by year
  • Outsourcing and hiring new teachers
  • Pricing your services and products
  • Advertising and guest posting
  • Course creation kit
  • Charts, ideas, lists for keeping track of numbers.


Product Description

The Numbers game is my journey into the world of teacherpreneurship, with all the numbers carefully recorded.

When I first started teaching online in 2010, there were very few resources available to online teachers. Teaching online was still new and unusual, but it had an appeal of being “easy and cheap.” Over the years one could hear stories of some teachers making a fortune out of teaching online, making all others feel inadequate.

The Numbers Game tracks the pains and the gains of teaching online. I share my successes and failures, and most importantly, the lessons I learned from them.

The toolbox is the most valuable resource for you, as it contains checklists and guides into advertising, pricing, hiring, course creation and many more.

Disclaimer: While I have a vast experience running and closing and re-branding an online teaching business, in no way do I portray myself as an expert. Things change quickly in the online world, which makes some things easier and some more difficult. So while the advice can be valuable, always take it with the grain of salt, think over it, and use what applies to you in your specific situation.

There are no cut-and-paste solutions, and this is probably one of the lessons you will learn from my story.

Read the introduction here.

More about the book here.

Check out the launching page here.

Thank you,

Elena Mutonono


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